Audiovisual and Acoustics: Mixed Use Facilities

Mixed-use developers, architects, and engineers often consult us early in the design and pre-construction phases to resolve audiovisual and acoustics issues in mixed-use developments.

Entertainment club with audio and lighting design.

Designing AV Systems Solutions

Designing audio visual solutions for a mix of energetic, vibrant, lively spaces and relaxed, peaceful, quiet places pose unique challenges for architects and developers. That’s why ABD Engineering and Design is often engaged to conduct property and building evaluations to be sure facilities such as restaurants, brew-pubs, fitness centers, theaters, clubs, and other venues integrate well with neighboring tenants and the surrounding communities. Our experienced audio visual design professionals assess and predict potential noise problems in mixed-use developments, recommend solutions, and help with compliance for local and regional environmental noise standards and ordinances.

Mixed-Use Development Audiovisual and Acoustics Consulting Services