Architectural Acoustics

ABD Engineering and Design's acoustical consultants specialize in engineering, design, and modeling for a diverse range of workplace, education, healthcare, performing arts, and other architectural projects. We analyze architectural plans, engineering calculations, and noise and vibration data to predict acoustic performance, and provide design recommendations for achieving acoustical goals.

Comprehensive Acoustical Solutions

Using our experience in the field along with industry standards and best practices, we analyze sound transmission, reverberation, absorption, reflection, diffusion, vibration, and other factors affecting architectural acoustics. Consulting and collaborating with architects, engineers, building owners, and facilities directors, we plan and engineer comprehensive solutions that meet demanding acoustical performance expectations, while also complementing the architectural vision and building design. Our firm’s consultants are experienced professionals, engineering architectural acoustics for all kinds of buildings, facilities, and rooms where aural clarity, speech intelligibility, privacy, and noise and vibration control are critical.

Room Acoustics

Every room is unique–with unique acoustical challenges and demands. We collaborate with clients to custom design room acoustics solutions that align with the purpose and function of rooms—while complementing interior design and aesthetics. We consider room size, room shaping, cloud design, material selection, finishes, furnishings, sound isolation strategies, and other factors to design effective, cost-efficient room acoustics solutions.

We measure, analyze, and model room acoustics to verify performance for planned construction and devise post-construction solutions for existing rooms spaces—then design and configure the most appropriate solution. Our deliverables include comprehensive room acoustics recommendations that meet precise standards, control variables, and produce desired acoustical outcomes.

Sound Isolation

We design sound isolation solutions to control transmission of unwanted sound and vibration from external sources into your building, from internal sources to your exterior environment, and between adjacent spaces within your building facilities. Our analysis reviews walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, and more, to provide sound isolation design recommendations for interior spaces and your building envelope. We provide effective, custom designed sound separation solutions that work for your building and your budget.

Independent Acoustical Consultants

As independent consultants in architectural acoustics, we aren’t aligned with any particular product, brand, manufacturer, or contractor—nor are we partial to any particular acoustical solutions. We only work for you—the architect, engineer, building owner, and facility director—to engineer viable, effective, efficient architectural acoustics solutions for your buildings and facilities.

Architectural Acoustical Services